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Red Roots Midwifery

Homebirth Midwifery, Fertility Care, Doula Services, and Placental Encapsulation

in Western ME and the Mount Washington Valley of NH

Midwife holds a newborn in her lap

About Me

Greetings beautiful humans!  My name is Abby, and I've served the families of Western Maine and the Mount Washington Valley for over a decade in various birthworking capacities.  If you're interested in knowing a bit more about me, click below. 


Parents and new baby
Field of Flowers

Imaging who would be a good fit for us: soon to be new parents, new to the area, no tangible community to speak of, and a pandemic to boot; it was difficult to put ourselves out there and ask for help. Abby has been far more than what we could have imagined as a grounded guide through this challenging landscape of overwhelming information, extremely opinionated family and friends, and unavoidable unknowns that arise from simply not knowing all of the things. Abby has sat with us, been patient with us, excited with us, and generally has been an awesome presence as we quite literally move through this new experience (we’re both dancers). We give our highest recommendation on behalf of Abby for anyone in need of someone to be that someone: a kind and compassionate energy that shows up just when you need!

Kari, Brian, and Lennox

I met Abby three years ago when I was pregnant with my son at our first midwife appointment. From the very start, my partner and I were immediately drawn to her confidence, professionalism and warmth, a tough combination of traits to master, but Abby does so with ease. Throughout our patient/provider relationship, Abby was able to answer my questions and listen to my concerns as a close friend might do. I always had complete faith in her ability to do what was best for me and my family, even in situations that were less than ideal. She was and always will be such an important person in my life, and the lives of everyone that meets her. 

Alexandria Kackley

Couldn’t be happier with Abby as our doula! She was a major part of my successful vba2c!! Not sure my birth would’ve been as amazing without her support.

Shannon and Abagnale

Adorable Chick

Abby always brought a trusting presence to my pregnancy and birth. I looked forward to every appointment with her and always left feeling both received and relieved. I know she'll bring great comfort to many. 

Ruth DiTulio

Smiling baby

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263 Haleytown Rd, Fryeburg, ME 03043

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