Supplemental Midwifery Care


If you're interested in midwifery care but plan to birth in a hospital, Supplemental Midwifery Care (SMC) is a good option.  As a SMC client, you will see Abby in your home in addition to your appointments with your primary care provider.  While all testing and big decision-making will be done through your primary provider, SMC offers people the opportunity to have hour-long midwifery appointments to check in, measure baby and 

Doula Services

Having a support person present during labor has been shown to decrease rates of interventions, reduce perceptions of pain, and increase feelings of satisfaction about your birth experience.


As your doula, I will provide information prenatally, as well as physical and emotional support during your hospital birth.  I will not perform any medical procedures, but I will provide reassuring touch, a warm, calm presence, and any other non-medical support that you and your partner need.  I will attend 

Midwifery and Supportive Birth Services at Red Roots


This is an affirming and inclusive practice that serves all families regardless of age, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, family structure, sexual orientation, or gender identity.  We celebrate diversity and support and welcome families of all kinds.
Placental Encapsulation

Encapsulation consists of taking the placenta (the amazing organ of connection between mom and baby), gently steaming it, dehydrating it at a low temperature, finely powdering it, and encapsulating it for consumption.  Although very few studies have been done on placentophagy, many women report a host of powerful healing effects from the practice.  Among these reported effects are:  increased milk supply, faster healing and better energy postpartum, decreased postpartum blues, and lowered levels of stress. 

Abdominal Massage and Preconception Counseling

Coming in 2018!

gestation. Postpartum care for both client and baby consists of visits on 1 and 3 days and 1, 2, and 6 weeks after birth.  Clients have the option of Pap testing and other well-person labs at the 6-week visit.


During the course of your care, you will be offered all available standard testing options (for example, ultrasound and genetic testing), but our shared-decision-making relationship means that I will provide you with the information that you need to make the best decisions for yourself.  Some people want all available testing, some decline everything, and many fall somewhere in between.   We will discuss instances in which testing may be beneficial, but in this practice, you are empowered to make the best personal choices for you and your family. 


Services are offered with a generous sliding scale based on income, ranging from $2600 to $4000, and include all prenatal and postpartum visits, as well as labor and delivery care.  Additional fees include lab work and ultrasounds when chosen or indicated (which may be covered by insurance), medication when necessary, vitamins and supplements as needed, a birth tub if desired, and your birth kit.


Please call or send Abby a message through the Contact page to set up a free consultation.

check position, talk about procedures, worries, fears, and joys, and to feel supported by a wholistic care provider.


The schedule of visits for Supplemental Midwifery Care is similar to that of Homebirth Midwifery Care with a couple of exceptions:  the birth will take place with your primary care provider in the hospital, and the postpartum visits resume when you return home from the hospital.  Feel free to choose an alternative visit schedule with SMC.  Some people like having the full course of care, and some prefer to have fewer visits, especially at the end of pregnancy when double weekly visits may feel like too much.


SMC clients have the opportunity to pair care with Doula Services at a discounted rate (see below for full description of Doula Services).  This means that, after a full course of prenatal care, the midwife will accompany you to the hospital to physically and emotionally support you and your partner through the birth process.


Supplemental Midwifery Care is offered in the following variations:


Supplemental Midwifery Care Only:  $750

Supplemental Midwifery Care with Doula Service:  $1200 


Please call or send Abby a message through the Contact page to set up a free consultation.



you through the entirety of your labor and birth.


Doula services include 2-3 prenatal appointments, attendance at labor and delivery, help with establishing breastfeeding, and one postpartum appointment.  Insurance may reimburse you for doula services if that is part of your plan.


Doula Service:  sliding scale based on income $600-$900

Doula Service Plus Placental Encapsulation:  sliding scale cost plus $100 ($150 off the combined cost of the services!)


Please call or send Abby a message through the Contact page to set up a free consultation.

Homebirth Midwifery Care



This practice offers holistic, individualized homebirth midwifery care for healthy, low-risk pregnancies.   Midwifery care consists of a full course of prenatal care, midwife-attended labor and delivery, and postpartum care, all in the comfort of your own home.  Prenatal visits, which generally last an hour, happen every 4 weeks until 28 weeks, every 2 weeks from 28 weeks until 36 weeks, and then every week until birth.   I can attend your labor and delivery any time between 37 and 42 weeks 

A traditional practice of Chinese Medicine and a growing practice for naturally-minded American families of all kinds, placental encapsulation is a great way to honor your baby's amazing placenta and to ease the transition to life after birth.


If you desire placental encapsulation, we can have either a phone or an office consultation where I will answer any questions that you have.  I will be on call for you from 37 weeks gestation on and can pick your placenta up at your place of birth, whether home or hospital.  I will process your placenta with the utmost attention to the Universal Precautions guidelines of medical hygiene, and the grinder that I use for your order will be given to you with your pills for use with herbs or coffee.  I will return your beautifully packaged placenta pills via home delivery to you within 72 hours of your birth.


Placental Encapsulation:  $250 (Half due as a deposit with our contract, half due upon delivery)

Doula Service Plus Placental Encapsulation:  sliding scale doula cost plus $100 ($150 off the combined cost of the services!)

*Note--there are some circumstances under which a placenta will not be released from a hospital and there are certain circumstances where the placenta is not suitable for encapsulation (ex: if you have an infection in labor).  We will discuss these issues if they arise.


Please call or send Abby a message through the Contact page to set up a free consultation.


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